Alexander Perry In The News




Winner of the 2016 Acquisition International

Influential Businesswoman Award




Pat Sanford was recently nominated to enter the CEO ACCESS NETWORK

The Purpose of CEO Access Network of Greater Philadelphia (Network) is to create an informal network
of relationships between large business CEOs and minority and women entrepreneurs in order to drive
business and create economic opportunity for urban businesses and residents. The Network is comprised
of large-business CEOs who are paired with minority and women CEOs to share advice and counsel, as well
as, networking and business development opportunities. In its fifth year, the Network consists of 80 alumni
members and 16 current pairings.Criteria Minority and women CEOs should have an existing business with at least three-year sales history with approximate annual sales in the most recent year of at least $500,000 and have demonstrated an increase in annual revenue in the prior year. The Network is only open to for-profit businesses that provide goods, services, technology, capital or resources to create jobs, wealth and a predictable rate of return to investors and owners.


Alexander Perry was recently featured in the Comcast Innovation and Technology Community